The history of Brevillier Urban and the pens produced here dates way back to 1790 when architect Joseph Hardtmuth invented the first graphite lead pencil in Vienna. This invention was followed by the founding of a company and production site in Vienna which then moved to Hirm in the 1970s. The company founded by Hardtmuth was then run by a Czech firm. The production site in Hirm was purchased by the passionate pencil collector and art appreciator Hans Wolfgang Hromatka in 1996 and his aim was to transform the plant, which was part of bankruptcy assets, into a flourishing production site for artist materials. New products for modern artists were created under his management such as the wood-free monolith pencil and the unique coloured ArtChunky charcoals. Hromatka’s aim is to combine the tradition of pencil-making in Hirm near Vienna with the innovative skills of Brevillier to meet artist requirements with a range of high quality products.

Carl Brevillier also contributed to developing the modern Brevillier Cretacolor lead pencil when he founded the Zeus pencil factory in Vienna in 1863. The capital for this came from the industrial production of screws for the railways. However, Carl Brevillier found his true calling in art. His aim was to produce high quality equipment for people who wanted to create, write or draw. This enabled people to develop an enthusiasm for art who had previously been unable to afford artist materials.

Hans Wolfgang Hromatka acquired the company in 2007 and merged it with the Cretacolor pencil factory in Hirm. And so Brevillier Urban & Sachs was born. The company places particular importance on quality of production. Efficient checks, careful selection of the raw materials and decades of experience offer customers of all sizes the reassurance that they have made the right choice.

Today the brands Cretacolor (artist materials), JOLLY (school items) and SAX (office items) belong to the Brevillier Urban & Sachs family.

The Cretacolor brand and its broad product range offer artists everything their hearts could possibly desire – whether graphite pencils, pastels or water-soluble artist pens. Cretacolor continues to impress with its comprehensive sets and new product collections, appealing to both professional artists and beginners across the world.

JOLLY, a renowned Austrian brand for school children, has been the very epitome of painting, drawing and writing products for many generations of school children – both when carrying out homework and in their free time. The extensive school assortment ranges from coloured pens to wax crayons, lead pencils and sharpeners - all in a washable and unbeatable ‘MADE IN AUSTRIA’ quality since 1965.


SAX is one of the most popular and traditional brands on the office equipment market. Its broad-ranging and well-devised programme means that virtually all desks contain some of the unmistakeable red-white SAX boxes, SAX hole punchers or SAX stapler. The brand continues to set new standards on the office equipment market with its exceptional new products.

Brevillier Urban & Sachs have been creating products in line with the times for the last 150 years. The daily challenge is to remain innovative and adapt the product range to the needs and requirements of its customers.

Brevillier Urban & Sachs - 150 years of experience, 150 years of tradition, 150 years of production at the high